Creative Ways to Display Our Wedding Photos

Wedding photography is one of the big ticket items when you are planning a wedding. Finding the right photographer who captures the essence and style and of your big day is one of the most critical elements most brides stress about. It is also one of the biggest financial investments you make in your wedding budget.

After the big day has been and gone and you get all your dream images of your perfect day back, the question then becomes, what next? You can get hundreds of images and besides the few, you might put on canvas or frame and put on the wall, how do you keep all the memories and images of that special day alive and on display? Well glad you asked! We have put together some top tips for utilizing all of your wedding photos and displaying the memories!


Digital Photo Frame:

This genius little gadget displays however many photos you upload on the screen in a rotating/slideshow. You plug in a USB or use whatever connection the frame you find requires and then literally on your coffee table for your guests and the newly married couple, you have a permanent rolling slideshow of your big day.

Wedding Thank-you/merchandise:

Merchandise from our wedding?? Well, why not! You can print on anything these days, and why not create thank you gifts for friends and family by printing a collage of wedding photos onto tea towels, bridesmaids robes or stubby coolers? You get to keep some and friends get a usable gift! Everyone wins.

Coffee Table Book:

A beautiful hard copy photo book will take pride of place in your lounge room and will allow you to reminisce and relive the beautiful day anytime you, please. There is something tangible and beautiful about photo books and they are so easy and affordable to create online. Previously a beautiful coffee table book was limited to high-end photography packages, but with the advent of getting digital photos as part of the photography package, they are super easy to do yourself online.


Anniversary gifts:

Each year on the anniversary of your wedding, you can get a custom card with a photo of your wedding to give to your partner. A beautiful yearly reminder of the day you married your soul mate and a lovely way to reminisce together.

 Utilise Social Media:

It might seem like a no brainer in our age of reliance and communicating via social media, but after the wedding when you receive all your photos and begin life as a married couple, it can be easy to forget to create a forum/album where all your friends and family can view the official wedding photos. Everyone loves wedding photos! Create an album on Facebook so everyone can share in the joy and love of your special day.

There you have it, just a few quick and easy ways of keeping those memories at the front of mind and getting your money’s worth out of those gorgeous wedding photos!

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